Five benefits of virtual coaching

You have ideas, schemes, and plans for your life, your business, or your future. You just need someone to ask you the right questions so that all your ideas can make sense and fall in place. Your personal coach can assist…. and it is now easier than ever before because coaching is now also virtually available! “Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work.” (Michael Dell)

Virtual Coaching is an in-person coaching conversation that is conducted over a web-based video conferencing service or WhatsApp chat where one or more people will enjoy a development experience that is facilitated by a qualified coach.

Five stunning benefits

Removing distance

With technology available to almost everybody, and Skype or Zoom allowing us face-to-face conversations, anywhere, some serious conversations are currently happening online. Sometimes, the fact that you are not in the same consultation room as your coach, makes you more relaxed, and even more honest! You can also connect with the best coaches in the world because geography and distance are not a problem anymore. You now do not have to pop-in at the corner shop of the only locally available coach.

 Still human touch

The fact that one watch motivational videos or get training online might waken the urge to at least have some personal and live contact. Virtual coaching can provide a real person in real time, connected to you and focussing on only you. You can thus still have the human element although you might be miles apart.


Technology and data networks mean we can have coaching conversations wherever and whenever we want. Virtual coaching allows the flexibility for people to self-direct their sessions and undertake it when it is the right time for them.


The foundations of a coaching relationship are made up of two things namely trust and rapport. It is when we have these in abundance that an effective coaching relationship can be created. Having access to a large community of coaches, and eliminating the geography through technology, allows us to pinpoint the right match. Whether it be background, skill set, learning style, temperament or even a preference for hobbies, virtual connections allow us to create a coaching experience that will have the biggest impact.


Most coaches have an hourly rate. But, because you do not have to travel and pay for parking, you only need data and you only have to pay the coaching fee. Technology has shaped how we want life to be. We want things to be easy and convenient. Quicker, cheaper but better quality. It should slot into to our lifestyle and on our terms. This is exactly what virtual coaching can do!

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