Incubators are globally seen as essential tools for the development of SMMEs and considerable amounts of resources are invested in incubators. Qalisa business incubators provide entrepreneurial start-up support to SMMEs within the Gauteng, Mpumalanga and North-West regions.

Five services which are typical of the most incubation models have been identified. These services are:

  • Access to physical resources
  • Office support
  • Access to financial resources
  • Entrepreneurial start-up support
  • Access to networks.

One of the most important advantages which business incubators offer, is the access to networks, and through that, the fostering of social relationships. Successful new ventures depend upon the ability of entrepreneurs to establish and strategically manage a network of supportive relationships.  At Qalisa we are doing just that!

Apart from the services identified above, Qalisa identified several other factors that contribute to the success of business incubators. These factors are: access to science and technology expertise and facilities; a stringent selection criteria; quality of the entrepreneurs; comprehensive business plans; stakeholder support; availability of funding; competent and motivated management; supportive government policies; financial sustainability; experienced advisory boards; networking; policies and legal framework; and, a society open to innovation.

We don’t believe in one shape fits all, therefore we customize our support to each entrepreneur to address his or her unique needs.

Our first consultation is always free of any charges. If we see potential and a match between your idea and what we do, we will enter into a long term supportive relationship with you. Contact us at or 082 925 0959 and visit our webpage at