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Change Management & Restructuring

Qalisa specialises in facilitating analytical processes within organisations with the purpose to find solutions for growth or process changes to create value or competitive advantage

What is Change Management & Restructuring?

Change management is a process to move people to make things better within an organisation. It is a process because it consists of different phases and steps that need to be planned and implemented.

For who?

Organisations who need to:

– Restructure

– Merge

– Scale down

– Want to move to the next level


Engineer and implement new processes or systems to make the flow smoother or to create value for either customers or the business itself.

Our Services

When organisations wants to grow, or change either their philosophy, product range, culture, organogram, levels of hierarchy , departmentalisation, centralisation or decentralisation  Рany form of change in an organisation needs facilitation and architectural consultation.

– Business functionality analysis

– Creating a vision

– Team building

– Facilitate change processes

– Fostering a new culture