Mentorship programme

Mentorship, for me, is not a formula or recipe; it is a flexible relationship to develop a mentee, to facilitate growth, or to transfer a skill. The pace is dictated by the adaptability and acceptability of the mentee. The following are topics and themes covered in the different mentoring sessions. Not necessarily in this specific order. The program is flexible to adapt to the needs of the mentee and his or her business. The table below gives an agenda of what will be covered within the period of mentorship (normally a two to three months programme with weekly contact sessions).

1.            The start
Getting to know each other; make sure we match and can commit; psychological contract; expectancies of the programme.
2.            Measure
Define the current business/ sales/ position of the company; Define the product or service; translate dream/vision into facts. Where are we now… where do we want to go? Who am I and what role do I play in my business? Effectiveness and efficiency. Employees and productivity.
3.            The market
Who is the audience to whom I communicate in the marketplace? How did I position my product? Who is my niche? How am I currently communicating to them? What do I have to do to reach my targets and exceed my own expectations? What communication medium must I use? How much must I spend on advertising and marketing communication? Am I, and my product visible enough in the marketplace?
4.            Business Growth
What is next level for me? Do I have a growth strategy? How do I create one, and stick to it? What milestones and measurements am I going to build into my growth plan? Timelines and targets. HR issues and people management.
5.            Personal growth
I first have to move to the next level, before my business can. How do I change my paradigm? Change your story to change your life. Training and development that can enhance my skills. The development of my own career path.
6.            Change management
Working on my business and not only in my business. Networking and community involvement. Create a brand and leaving a footprint.
7.            Leadership
Difference between manager and leader. How to evolve from an employee in my company to being leader of my destiny.
8.            Open agenda
Any other themes and topics arising throughout the mentoring sessions can become agenda points and be addressed.


For more information, please contact:

Dr Flip Schutte

CEO: Qalisa Incubators

082 925 0959