The challenge for entrepreneurs is to create the future rather than watching it happens. Entrepreneurs are normally creative and innovative people, which are strengths to nurture. They can imagine a future and then start creating it.

The secret is to realise that nothing is static and everything is in a process of becoming. Your business strategy as entrepreneur is thus all about shaping the future. Becoming the author of your destiny… and this vision on the future can become a valuable competitive advantage for your business.

A competitive advantage is that one thing that sets you apart from your competition. That thing which makes you different from all the others. That one thing that will draw customers to your business. And that one thing starts by thinking differently. Not in the standard entrepreneurial textbook way, but totally out of the box.

Think different about your business’ competitiveness. Don’t only think about price or product differences, but think more holistic: How can I use my supply chain to create advantages for my customers? How can I use my resources differently to create sustainability and to make me more competitive?

When I work on my business, it must not only be about restructuring, cost cutting or reengineering processes, the difference must be more than just to be more effective and better in what I do. I must not only reengineer my processes, I must reinvent my industry. I must create a roadmap to where nobody has been previously.