Solving SME problems

Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the economy. They need to grow and flourish because they must create jobs and employ people.  This sector is the solution to joblessness and growth. Supporting entrepreneurs are therefore of the utmost importance.

At Qalisa incubators we know that to survive as a SME is a continuous challenge and struggle. To build a sustainable business needs courage and motivation. And for many people entering the economy at the moment, this is the only option. Young people battle to find work. Either they don’t have the skills or education that the market requires, or the economy is just growing too slowly with the result that no new jobs are created. The solution for the almost millions of unemployed young people is that they must stop searching for work and create their own.

But to do that without start-up capital or a proper understanding of business and marketing is not easy. Qalisa’s philosophy is to find a market first as entrepreneur, because once you have a market, you have a business. Finding a market means that you must be able to identify a need in a community. The identified need will lead you to find a solution, cure or product; and the moment when you have something to address the need in the community with, you have a business.

As research, marketing and business coaching experts we assist with a feasibility study, business and marketing plan, and incubation coaching until you are able to call yourself an independent and successful business person. Visit us at or mail for more detail to