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Innovative Thinking Tank

Qalisa are tuned in to spot gaps, identify voids and facilitate innovation processes within organisations. We have researchers who are ready to start investigating solutions for your challenges.

What is innovative think tank?

Thinktanks, brainstorming sessions, academic research, comparative analysis are needed in organisations to sharpen their focus and to position or reposition them in the market or in a niche.

For who?

Companies who want to brand themselves, or who want to improve their storytelling regarding their products or service.


To stand out in the crowd. Social media is cluttered with messages, and everybody wants your attention. We help improve your brands’ visibility.

This is a process that needs to be on the annual calendar of any organisation… to stop and ask a few critical questions, maybe tweak direction a little bit, and then continue full steam with the journey

Our Services

This is a “war room” or “brainstorm tank” where new and innovative ideas are born to assist with establishing an organisation’s brand; to conceptualise marketing ideas; for new product development or product innovation; and for organisational growth.

– Marketing research

– Facilitation brainstorm sessions

– Designing innovation processes

– Consulting on marketing plans

– Co-creating business plans

– Competitor analysis

– Creating brand narratives and storytelling