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Business Expert

Flip is a business coach and entrepreneur with a passion for helping other entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their goals and reach new heights in their endeavours.

Dr Flip Schutte- My Story

My personal mission in life is to add value to the lives of other people. I decided to add value by coaching people to grow and to materialise their aspirations. Most people have the possibilities within themselves to be successful. They just don’t believe in their own potential. Or, they just need somebody who believes in them and who can help them to unlock their capacity. I have declared myself willing to be that person.

The moment when you have a plan, see the bigger picture and know where you fit in, things start making sense. And when things make sense you are more committed to making it work. I facilitate this process in people’s lives because I believe that every person on earth has a purpose to fulfil and must get the opportunity to be successful in what he or she does. Coaching is the vehicle which I use to unlock potential.

In this day and age, I know that one can’t sit and wait for a job. One must get up and create a job for yourself. Any viable idea, hobby or small business can be transformed into a sustainable venture that can create an income to support your livelihoods. Business coaching is my contribution to growing the South African economy. One entrepreneur at a time. Entrepreneurship is the best way to contribute to economic growth in any country, therefore I believe that the work that I am doing is to fulfil my calling in life!

I have a passion for working with people, especially when I can add something to make other people more successful.

Why Work With Me?

I have a passion for working with people, especially when I can add something to make other people more successful. I love training and development of people. I have strong analytical skills and I am a natural strategist. I have been a corporate sales manager for 12 years and are passionate about coaching people and teams. At the moment I am a fulltime academic, lecturing Marketing, Organisational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship. I am also the HOD of the Department of Marketing and Public Relations.

Qualifications & Awards


– DBL, Business Leadership – University of South Africa

– Doctorate in Business Leadership, Business Coaching – University of South Africa

– Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Change management; paradigm shifts – University of Pretoria

– D Litt et Phil, Communication and Languages – University of South Africa

– DTh, Organizational behaviour and leadership development – University of South Africa

– Masters, Literature – University of Pretoria

– Higher Certificate, Sales and Marketing – University of South Africa

– Higher Certificate, Advanced marketing management – University of South Africa

– Higher Certificate, Marketing/Marketing Management – University of South Africa

– Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies – Harvard Business School


– Sales Manager at Barloworld Motor Retail South Africa

– Head of Department: Marketing and Public Relations

– MBA supervisor and examiner; Research associate

– CEO – Qalisa Incubators

– Director – Coral Reef Marketing

– Rector – Centurion Academy


2004 – Medal award winner for contribution to lyric poetry

2006 – Damelin Lecturer of the year

2008 – Damelin Lecturer of the year

2009 – Toyota Sales Manager of the year

2012  – Toyota Knight and sales manager category winner

2014 – Toyota Knight and sales manager category winner

2015 – Centurion Academy Lecturer of the year

2017 – Eugene Marais recognition for contribution as a critical thinker in South Africa